For more than 20 years we have specialized in the manufacturing of titanium products and other special materials, that are difficult to process.

If titanium products are sophisticated and require highest quality, TRINON is the perfect partner for all types of industrial applications, medical industries and consumer design.

Our self-developed product series in dentristy, maxillofacial surgery and orthopaedics as well as the parts we manufacture to customers specifications reflect this claim to universality with regard to the material titanium.

Additionally, we manufacture high-precision turned and milled parts for aerospace, automotive industry, chemical industry, shipping industry, mechanical and plant engineering.

We are able to manufacture one-offs, low volume series, and mass production items.

Being an oem manufacturer for medical engineering we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13845 and EU Directive 93/42 EEC.


Convince yourself and throw a glance at our three fields: Industry, Medicine and Design.


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