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Past Mapping

A Trinon Titanium project by order of the Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kuenste Zuerich


Artist: Professor Lawrence Wallen (HGKZ)

Duration: 8 weeks

Location of Sculpture: Korean German Institute of Technology, Seoul/Korea

Material: 99.7% Titanium

Length: 17.8 m

Height: 1.1 m

Height in Space: 7m

Weight: 358 kg



The sculpture, created by Lawrence Wallen, has the aim to connect two partnering countries of the Korean German Institute of Technology. The artistic concept is based on the topography of two capital cities Seoul and Berlin. On the basis of maps an exact topographical model has been converted to contours and then translated into a 3 dimensional representation by the artist and Trinon Titanium employees.



A detailed CAD model has been created in Trinon factory to measure the physical properties of the sculpture and to start computer aided production. By means of the engineering drawings 420 individual parts in 1.5 mm Titanium have been manufactured. The use of one of the most modern Jet cutting machines ensured short production times and highest detail accuracy.



During five days the Trinon Titanium Team has assembled and positioned the sculpture in space. The art piece is located in the atrium of the KGIT Media Centre and has been unveiled to the public on the 6th October 2007.



The sculpture, consisting of two main bodies, reaches the climax of its effect through a constantly changing play of light. Depending on the viewpoint and action of light the sculpture looks light and translucent or like a massive full body. The length of the polished piece fills the room ideally and allows the viewer to experience the room through the reflective metal differently.



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