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The Q-Implant-Concept

Q-Implant System was developed for easy and efficient use in dental practice. Designed to provide simplicity and clarity, we have created a system that removes many of the disadvantages of earlier implant systems. This single-phase enossal implant is made of titanium and there are no complex components. Its self-cutting thread achieves a high primary stability which allows the immediate placement of a temporary crown. The transgingival healing makes a second operation unnecessary and the sand-blasted surface reduces the time taken for osseointegration. These features, together with the mirror-finished implant head, aid wound healing and reduce post-operative infections.

The Implant Head

The top of the implant was designed with a 7° cone. It can be individually grinded and can therefore be treated like a natural tooth. To avoid rotation, 4 symmetrical axial slots were placed on top. They also guide the wrench you use to screw in the implant. This gives you the possibility to supply the implant with a temporal suprastructure. Before impression, the slots should be blocked out with composite. Using a dental dam, you may even grind the top during or right after surgery. Easy mucosa- and gum- management is possible due to the mirror-finish. Your patient leaves your office with an aesthetic and functional solution on the day of surgery.


The Thread

Q-Implants are constructed with a self-cutting thread. Gentle bone-management and atraumatical insertion is possible by using minimal force. Even in the spongious bone of the upper jaw you reach a high primary stability. To reach this goal, we attached maximum importance in the development of a progressive designed thread with axial milling cuts, reducing stress and strain effects. This spreads jaw pressure equally to the bone. The axial cuts also avoid rotation. Bone shavings can be harvested and re-used during osteogenisis.


The Surface

For maximum osseointegration the surface was etched and blasted with aluminiumoxide.

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