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RGIT - Reverse Guide Implant Technique

The Reverse Guide Implant Technique utilizes surgical guides without the use of any software.


It offers surgeons an easy preparation, high precision and increased safety of implant placement.

The technique is practice based and offers a fast and low-cost solution for doctors.

Only one disposable Master Tube is required per implant.

The technique is easy to correct making it ideal for beginners and an invaluable aid for professionals.

Stereolithography model

We offer you:

• excellent quality

• short delivery times: 3D-Simulation within 24 h, models available in 10 days by express delivery

• good price-performance ratio

• plastic models for all fields: high-quality material especially approved for the medical sector

Product line extension

We are pleased to announce new implant diameter and accessories in our program:

● Q-Implant with Ø 3,9mm (Standard and Short)

● Q²-Implant with Ø 4,5mm

● Q³-Implant with Ø 4,5mm

● QK-Implant with Ø 5,6mm